PhD Research Project in Molecular and Cell Biology

A graduate with experience and interest in cellular and molecular biology with (or waiting) at least second class honours degree or a higher degree second class honours with a Masters degree is required for this project based at the Skin Research Center, which is at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, together with the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The candidate will have access to a wide variety of leading-edge technology and basic facilities, as well as the opportunity to interact with international scientists in a wide range of disciplines in biomedical research.

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer in humans and is the most common malignancy that affects Caucasian populations where it accounts for 20% of carcinomas in men and 10-15% of carcinomas women. Development of BCC is associated with the constitutive activation of the Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway (often through mutations Ptch1 inactivation of tumor suppressor genes), and is mainly mediated by the GLI transcription factors, and GLI1 GLI2.

This project aims to further understand CCB etiology through analysis of the expression of a new class of molecules known as microRNAs regulators who are increasingly involved in tumour biology. In particular, the expression profiles are generated for different subtypes BCC (aggressive and non-aggressive) with the intention of identifying the genes important objective as well as providing the potential benefits of therapeutic and diagnostic. To complement in vivo studies Hh / GLI microRNA control gene expression and target identification will be investigated using in vitro models of the CCB.

These studies involve a wide range of cell and molecular biology, including cell culture techniques, retroviral / lentiviral transduction, RNA / miRNA target isolation miRNA target range of analysis, based on lipid transfection, Western Blot, DNA / RNA including manipulation cloning, PCR (q), a reporter for testing and possibly laser capture micro-dissection.

For an informal discussion, please contact the director of work lead:
Name: Dr. Graham Neill Email:

To apply, please download the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry form our website: and return to the school office with a copy of Graduate to address Project Supervisor.

Application Deadline  29 February 2008. The scholarship is funded by the Foundation Skin British and comes with a minimum tax-free stipend of £ 14350.00 per annum. Home / EU tuition fees will be paid by the BSF

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